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Look after your health with the QardioArm wireless smart blood pressure monitor and QardioBase smart body composition scale bundle. Compatible with iOS and Android devices including Apple Watch and Android Wear.

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Qardio arm is a simple easy to use device. Easy to set up and easy use with helpful daily reminders.
If I had to give some feedback, I’d suggest a secondary size arm band a little larger.
The qardiobase 2 is also just as easy to set up with daily reminders.
Both of them help as a good reminder to stay focused on my journey to get healthier.


I ordered the QARDIOARM + QARDIOBASE 2 package. The QARDIOBASE 2 arrived on 1/16/20 and the QARDIOARM arrived on 1/26/20. I bought both QARDIO devices because of their ability to record their measurements to my iPad.

I bought the QARDIOBASE 2 to use in place of a beam-balance scale. If you've ever used a beam-balance scale, you know they are not very user-friendly. The QARDIOBASE sends my weight, etc. to my iPad via our WiFi router. Its weights are consistent with those of the beam-balance scale. I am very pleased that I no longer have to fiddle with the beam-balance weights and scribble its weights on paper and transfer them to a spread sheet to keep track of my weight.

I bought the QARDIOARM to replace an Omron blood pressure monitor. I was never able to get it to send its measurements to the Omron app installed on my iMac so I had to manually record each measurement. The QARDIOARM paired immediately to my iPad's Bluetooth and transmitted its measurements to the QARDIO app I had already installed on my iPad when I began using the QARDIOBASE 2. Since I no longer have to manually record my blood pressure readings, I will be more diligent in tracking them. More importantly, the QARDIOARM's measurements are more consistent with those taken in various doctors' offices than those produced by the Omron monitor. The only problem I have found with the QARDIOARM is that its Bluetooth transmitter conflicted with my iMac's Bluetooth keyboard if the iPad was near the keyboard and the QARDIO app was on. The solution was to be sure to close the QARDIO app after I have taken a BP measurement while sitting near the keyboard.

In addition to no longer having to record weight and BP measurements, I should mention that the iPad's fingerprint reader conveniently allows logging into the QARDO app without having to type or remember a password. I also like that the QARDIOARM can record the location where each BP measurement is made.

I gave both devices five stars because ...


I have now used my Qardio scale and blood pressure equipment and am very pleased with both. They were easy to set up and simple to use. I now have portions of my medical status at my finger tips.


Both products worked great! I love the convenience of checking my weight, body fat percentage, and blood pressure and know that the information is stored without me having to try and remember my weight or track it manually. My concern is with the accuracy of the blood pressure monitor. I checked my pressure at home and went to my doctor's visit and it was slightly off (QardioArm reading was lower) and when I checked it at home after the visit it measured the same as before. This could very well be related to the stress associated with going to the doctor's office and being worried about my results.

Qardioarm / Qardiobase

After having used both products for about a week I love the Qardiobase. The Qardioarm is a different story however...I am currently a cardiac rehab patient so I am getting my blood pressure taken multiple times a day X multiple days a week by trained medical staff therefore am pretty familiar with my readings. The readings I get with the Qardioarm are consistently significantly higher. One of the reasons I purchased the Qardioarm was the claim of accuracy which is nowhere near accurate in my experience.

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